The 6 things I lived in all summer.

I can't believe it's September - I literally don't know where August went. Yet, here we are, on the Labour Day long weekend, getting ready for perhaps a new school year, the return of sweaters and, for most, trying to cram in all of those things you didn't get to the past two months. I justified the $80 pineapple pool floatie in the spring - I'm going to get all the use out of it the last 3 days of summer... just me? 

Regardless of my bucket list coming and going I do have a few things to show for my summer: took in a few ball games, a trip to the lake, visit with the family, coordinated the most fun wedding, am slightly more golden hue than my pasty winter look - I'll chalk it up as a win. What I did notice scrolling through my phone photos is that there is a definite trend in my attire. My wardrobe was basically on repeat with a small number of pieces that I could tolerate from my closet, and I'm not mad about it. 

It may be my age or my appreciation for beautiful things, but I find myself donating clothes every few weeks; I just can't be bothered to keep something around for the maybe one off time that I'll need a neon leopard print dress. Don't get me wrong, I love love clothes. I'm crap at doing make up: I'll never master the winged eye liner and I'm not great with hair. But I literally plan my walk to work to go by store fronts to see what latest trends are in the window. I love the confidence clothes can give you and how your style and mood are always reflected in what you wear. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect red dress, maybe because I just watched Pretty Woman or maybe I just want to be Jessica Rabbit. Either way - the hunt continues.

I predict my summer wardrobe will merge into my fall wardrobe - the thing about the classics is they'll always be transferable and in style, or will come back in fashion. My cliche obsession of the summer was definitely the scrunchie, and I'm not giving it up. 

The summer round up ...

  • These Aritzia pants are life, I wear them to any and every occassion. Work, dates, the bar and weddings - so versatile! Worth the investment. 
  • The ruffled sandal - the $25 impulse purchase has been my go to for the summer. It was basically a mule that could show off my pedicure and work appropriate flip flops. 
  • Lace ups! My closet is now home to all things lace ups, an easy interest piece that can update any jeans look. I picked up this shirt in Amsterdam but the brand can be found at several boutique shops in Vancouver or online here.
  • Athleisure: when gym where meets the pencil skirt.
  • Tassels! Update the t-shirt look with a tassel earring or necklace - I found these ones at J.Crew here.
  • Bandanas: work as a head scarf or around the neck, it was a perfect way to deal with a hot summer day and keep your hair out of your face. 

What did YOU wear all summer?? Will you keep up the trends when the leaves start to fall? 

Happy September!