Taco Tuesday!

Agh - the weeknight dinner party: a daunting task that requires organization and pre-planning, but can be great way to spice up the week from a normally boring night of laundry ... am I right? Taco Tuesday is one of my favourites to host; it's always a good time and, if you're extra lucky, it will lead to a hungover Wednesday - who likes hump day, anyway?

Seriously though, TACOs. What's not to love? They are the ultimate meal to serve because the possibilities are endless and you can be as creative or as classic as you want to be. Pick a base (veggie/beef/turkey are my go-tos) and get creative with the rest! I often want to offer every taco shell option (hard/soft/corn/flour/bowl or lettuce) but have come to learn that sometimes too many options are just too many. My past taco party I went authentic with classic smaller corn tortillas. They were a hit and held the filling well - no one likes a messy taco. 

Taco "bars" are going to be the new candy "bars" at weddings... well, maybe not, but definitely a midnight snack. They are the best. I'm huge on the add-ons for tacos (*note: even if you mess up the meat, the add-ons will save you - there was never a taco that guacamole didn't make better). Have fun with the presentation too! For a larger group I'd suggest a buffet style taco bar for easy serving - check this one out. So fun!

I had 6 people at my Taco Tuesday, so we just did family style. A larger group would have made it harder to navigate/pass dishes so just keep that in mind when setting your table! End result still looked delicious...

I'm not normally a huge dessert person but this past holiday season I took an interest in baking. I feel that baked goods are a great crowd pleaser, and I want to be a 50's house wife and serve pineapple upside down cake on the regular. ANYWAYS, when I host any dinner party I always like to complete the meal with dessert, leave the meal on a sweet note (see what I did there?). Keeping with the Mexican theme I opted to make Mexican Brownies. They turned out to be rich and sweet with a lovely kick of spice that became evident 3 seconds into chewing. I can confidently say none were left by the end of the evening with each guest consuming 3-4, so, be warned, it's hard to stop at just one! 

A dusting of powdered sugar makes anything prettier,  a dusting of corn makes it real life.   

A dusting of powdered sugar makes anything prettier,  a dusting of corn makes it real life.


I hope I've motivated you to take on a weeknight dinner party! Do you need more motivation? Not only does it force you to clean your house so you don't have to spend your weekend doing it - BUT left overs! I love bringing taco salad for lunch the next day. My go-to taco recipe is here.

Happy Taco Tuesday!!