Lauren's Last Minute Gift Guide for KIDS!

I may not have kids of my own, but Auntie Lauren knows a thing or two about the hottest trends for kids these days (or at least knows who to ask!) Here's a short list of some last minute gifts that are sure to excite the little ones...


Books are a great gift for any age; the appreciation for books changes throughout childhood but it never disappears. 

This is the only item on this list you'd have to order online, but I think it's worth the extra cash (and possible stress!). The Little Boy (Or Girl!) Who Lost His Name is a fun tale of a journey in search of your child's lost name. This neat story is great for any age, but especially for those who are starting to learn their letters and how to spell their own name. Also, this dedication at the beginning of the book may just be the perfect gift in and of itself: "We meet a lot of magical and wonderful creatures throughout our lives. These are just the first. We hope you meet a whole lot more." Choose SUPER SPEEDY shipping to ensure it'll get here on time!


My friend's daughter received this book when she was born, but it's not uncommon for my friend to send me quotes from this book from time to time to bring me a little encouragement! The pictures are as sweet as the words, doubling as a lovely piece of wall art on a child's bookcase as well. Bonus: this book is on sale now!



There are few things cuter than a baby/toddler/kid in pjs - especially when those pjs are candy cane striped or decked with all things Holiday! There are many stores right now selling Holiday pajamas and you really can't go wrong with any, but here are a couple cute options that won't break the bank. Leo's and Emerson's pjs are from here.



What any kid really wants is to spend time with his or her favourite aunt/uncle/parent/goofy friend-of-parent. Take a special date to one of the many kid-oriented holiday festivities (many open until January 6 or 7) such as Van Dusen Festival of Lights, The Peak of Christmas on Grouse Mountain, Bright Nights in Stanley Park. Or wait til the Holiday madness settles down and give their gift in spring with tickets to Children's Festival!



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There is something about seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child, whether it's a visit to Santa at the mall or the first glimpse of the tree and stockings Christmas morning - it's magic. So regardless if you approach this season with the excitement of Elf or more of a bah humbug/I'll come around by the 25th, I think the best part of this time of year is the traditions and memories you make with your family and friends (yes - it's that time of the season where I'm an emotional mess). One of my favourite family traditions was leaving a note for Santa along with carrots for Rudolph, cookies and milk and a Heineken... 

I'd love to hear your traditions - leave me a comment below!