New Year. New Me. Cliché, I know.

So 2016 has finally arrived, whether we were prepared or not, people start to naturally outpour all of their New Year resolutions and mantras, including my favourite: NEW YEAR, NEW ME (said it a boisterous Oprah voice). 

I’ll admit this year I was a full on textbook example of someone aspiring to make this year the BEST ONE YET. These plans didn’t so much include resolutions, but rather:

1. Complete a WHOLE 30 ( The “cleanse” that includes no sugar, dairy, grains, legumes… oh and Prosecco and other fun boozes.

2. START A BLOG, this one was a long time coming. I actually signed up in October but it finally came to fruition in January. The New Year: time to get shit done. (Thanks for tuning in to blog #1!)

3. See a psychic! I admittedly spend a large percentage of my days worrying about past, present  and future life so, any sort of insight I could get – spiritual or otherwise, was welcomed for my sanity but also to spare my friends the ramblings of over analyzing yet another year of Lauren.

A check-in on progress…

1. I lasted 5 days on the Whole 30, and a few series of events (and Vodka) have lead me back to Day 1. Life happens and sometimes plans change – but I’m back on the horse…

2. Blog #1 published = SUCCESS! 

3. I really enjoyed the psychic experience. I left feeling optimistic about life, appreciating the things I have to be grateful for and worrying less - a little, at least. I’ll chalk it up for the win and, if anything, I am excited to see how the year unfolds!

So whether you’ve gone all or nothing on the resolution front, a few things to keep in mind: it’s not the end of the world if plans change, that’s life. Tomorrow is going to happen either way, and like the music legend that was David Bowie said, “You could be a hero/ Just for one day / We can be us / Just for one day” So just be you, everyday. 


LC (FYI: a nickname I go by, in a world with many Laurens)

Said goodbye to 2015 in my hometown, Edmonton, Alberta. Photo Cred: Elizabeth Marie

Said goodbye to 2015 in my hometown, Edmonton, Alberta. Photo Cred: Elizabeth Marie